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Family law overhaul to make system more inclusive of children and kinship carers

From an article Matthew Doran, originally published in the online ABC on 30.1.23

The federal government has announced its plan to change the family law system, with an aim to place greater emphasis on the interests of children in parental disputes.

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus said courts and judges would be presented with six principles to base making custody arrangements for children around, and the idea that both parents should be considered as on an equal footing in disagreements with parenting would be removed.

Changes to the definition of family will also be on the table so that it is more inclusive of kinship carers.

The principles referred to include the child’s own views on any custody arrangements, consideration for the safety of the child in any dispute, the ability for either parent to provide care for their child, and the benefit to the child in maintaining a relationship with their parents.

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