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KCV conducts a number of campaigns on issues that affect grandparents and families


KCV's podcast series brings broadcast news relevant to all kinship carers, be they formal or informal carers


KCV conducts surveys and publishes reports to ascertain the opinions and needs of kinship carers

Podcasts ◊ Wellbeing Magazines ◊ Resource Books ◊ Manual for Kinship Carers ◊ Newsletters
Podcasts ◊ Wellbeing Magazines ◊ Resource Books ◊ Manual for Kinship Carers ◊ Newsletters

KCV Podcasts Series

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #2 – Diet and Stress

There’s a lot of information currently available about how, what and when to eat, and some of it can be quite overwhelming and confusing.

In this podcast Kinship Carers Victoria speaks with clinical nutritionist and functional medicine practitioner Nikki Valentini, director of SuperNature Nutrition at

Nikki explains how certain foods and nutrients have been shown to help us deal better with stress and anxiety while other types of foods and eating patterns have been linked to increases in these feelings – and even to other psychological issues and illness.

The podcast also includes interviews with carers who share their relationship to food and some of their dietary patterns.

Carer Resources

Resource Booklets for Kinship Carers

Kinship Carers Victoria is excited to launch its new series of Carer Resources Booklets for kinship carers. These resource booklets contain lists of current government and private organisations providing valuable information, support and services for carers and the children/young people in their care.

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