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Learning and development opportunities for Victorian kinship carers

Letter to Federal MPs

A strong and transparent public sector to help vulnerable families

Letter to Victorian MPs

The miracles kinship carers accomplish are underappreciated

Raise Carers' Allowance

The Victorian care allowance is too low to cover living costs

LET US LEARN report on education of children and young people in care
LET US LEARN report on education of children and young people in care

KCV Podcasts Series

KCV Wellbeing Podcast #11 – Grief and Loss

Throughout our lives, grief is an unavoidable and essential part of what it is to be human. When individuals and families experience a loss, every member of the family can feel and process their grief in different ways. Grandparents, parents or carers face the difficulty of managing their caring role while knowing how to help children understand their grief – all whilst also trying to accept and deal with their own feelings.

In this podcast we speak with Janice Butera, specialist grief practitioner with Grief Australia, who shares with us her knowledge about grief and loss and the challenges that can occur for families when faced with loss. Janice also offers some strategies for families to use in navigating their way through these difficult periods.

Summary of Yoorrook Justice Commission Report into Victoria’s Child Protection and Criminal Justice Systems

The second report of the Yoorrook Justice Commission focuses on the past and ongoing systemic injustice experienced by First Nations communities within Victoria’s child protection and criminal justice systems.

To download/read the full summary of the Yoorrook report, click here.

Kinship Carers Wellbeing Magazine #7

Living Longer & Living Well

KCV's new telephone number is 0499 969 234
KCV's new telephone number is 0499 969 234
Carer Resources

Resource Booklets for Kinship Carers

Kinship Carers Victoria is excited to launch its new series of Carer Resources Booklets for kinship carers. These resource booklets contain lists of current government and private organisations providing valuable information, support and services for carers and the children/young people in their care.

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