Podcasts for Carers

Victorian kinship carers podcast series

The series is directed at the rapidly increasing number of kinship carers across Victoria and brings broadcast news relevant to all kinship carers, be they formal or informal carers, and be they grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings or close family friends.

Topical issues confronting kinship care are discussed by a range of expert speakers from across a number of sectors, including the community, government, not-for-profit and legal sectors. Topics in line for examination in the first twelve months of podcasts include:

  • The organised kinship care movement in Victoria – is it unique?
  • The new model of kinship care for Victoria – who benefits, does anyone lose?
  • Kinship care families and federal welfare – fair treatment or not?
  • Trauma in children – how to identify it and what to do about it.
  • Carer wellbeing – not a luxury but a crucial element of placement stability.
  • Kinship family rights – where to go to find them written?
  • Education – a pathway for children in kinship care to ‘get on in life’.
  • Kinship care and the law – rights protection or abuse of rights?

Mrs Anne McLeish, Director of Kinship Carers Victoria (KCV) said,

‘These podcasts are designed to reach all kinship carers at their convenience; that is, in their own home and at times which suit them. The issues addressed will be of interest to formal and informal kinship carers alike, and will lift their understanding and knowledge about their role and the social, economic and political circumstances that affect them in their role as people who protect our most vulnerable children from further harm.

Kinship Carers Victoria is particularly pleased to be able to reach all kinship carers through these podcasts. They will provide a way for the most geographically and socially isolated carers to have a connection with the wider world with regard to their role and the views of other kinship carers. KCV hopes that kinship carers will take the opportunities offered to them to nominate issues they want examined and to give feedback about the podcast programs. If the programs benefit even a small number of previously isolated kinship carers it will be well worth the effort to produce them,’ Mrs. McLeish concluded.

Podcast #17 – DFFH responds to the COVID-19 crisis

Sandy Pitcher, Secretary of the Department of Families Fairness and Housing, speaks about the effects of Covid-19 on DFFH staff health and wellbeing and the extra workload involved as well as what strategies the department is putting in place to support both kinship carers and DFFH staff in surviving the Covid-19 pandemic. This includes providing information and materials about vaccination consent for children and the accessibility and efficacy of vaccinations and rapid antigen tests.

KCV Director Anne McLeish also shares her thoughts on the exceptional efforts from the public sector during this time and how staff within have extended their support of families in directions never thought necessary before.

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