Abolition of Corporal Punishment

The campaign calls for the Australian Government to make corporal punishment of children and young people illegal across Australia.

GPV/KCV believes that violence against children is never appropriate, even in the context of discipline. It can do long-term damage to their physical and emotional health, and may perpetuate a continuing cycle of of corporal punishment in future generations.

GPV/KCV believes that positive discipline teaches children and guides their behaviour. This belief is based on research into children’s healthy development and founded on principles of children’s rights.

This campaign is designed to help protect children by encouraging parents and carers to find non-violent solutions to disciplining children in their care.

More current campaigns

Physical punishment in Australia

One in four adults think smacking is necessary to ‘properly raise’ kids. But attitudes are changing

“Do you want a smack?!” This has been a common refrain from many parents across history. Right along with “just wait till your father gets home”. Somehow parents thought this threat of violence would magically improve their child’s behaviour.

The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child considers smacking and all types of physical punishment, however mild, a violation of child rights. It’s banned in 65 countries.

Yet it remains legal in Australia for parents to use “reasonable force” for discipline. Children are the only group of people it remains legal to hit.


End physical punishment of children – protect Australian children

1,133 people have signed this petition to end physical punishment of Australian children.

Please sign and ask others to sign the petition, which will be sent to Federal and State Attorneys General urging them to change legislation:


Non-physical types of discipline for children and young people

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Arguments against corporal punishment of children

To download a PDF version of this campaign paper, click here.

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