Welcome to Kinship Carers Victoria’s podcast series for carers

This podcast, the second in a series of 12, addresses the issue of carer wellbeing. Director of Kinship Carers Victoria (KCV) Anne McLeish talks about why the physical and emotional health of kinship carers and their access to support services is so important and how KCV works to better protect and promote carer wellbeing.
Two kinship carers also speak about their personal and professional perspectives on this key element of kinship care.

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  • GPV/KCV applauds the Auditor General

    GPV/KCV applauds the Auditor General for his report into the Mental Health of Child Protection Practitioners (May 2018)

    GPV/KCV has long held the view that CPPs are overworked; a circumstance that leads to kinship carers being case-managed by stressed workers. The results are often catastrophic with poor decisions about child welfare made.

    More Details

  • Newsflash – KCV Podcast Series

    Victorian kinship carers to launch their own podcast series

    A new series of podcasts for the rapidly growing number of kinship carers in Victoria is on its way, with the first program to be aired on Friday 27 April at 11am. More Details

  • At Last – Kinship Carers are Vindicated

    “Today’s report from the Ombudsman detailing anomalies present in the treatment of kinship carers is vindication for those many carers who have complained many times over many years.

    More Details

KCV to launch new podcast series for carers

A new series of podcasts for the rapidly growing number of kinship carers in Victoria is on its way, with the first program to be aired on Friday 27 April at 11am.

The series will be directed at the rapidly increasing number of kinship carers across Victoria and will bring broadcast news relevant to all kinship carers, be they formal or informal carers, and be they grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings or close family friends. More

Pakenham Kinship Care Support Group

Are you a grandparent, aunt, uncle or another special person who is caring full time for a child or young person who is not your own? Do you want to learn what’s happening in kinship care, access the latest information, meet other kinship carers and enjoy relaxing activities? More

GPV/KCV Artist in Residence

GPV/KCV is proud to announce that we have our own artist in residence to travel to groups of kinship carers to conduct art activities with them. Marylyn Broomhall has agreed to be the GPV/KCV artist in residence and is now available to conduct workshops at support groups. More