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To celebrate Kinship Carers Week, KCV has produced a special edition of the Kinship Carers Wellbeing Magazine.

Kinship Carers Victoria’s podcast series for carers – podcast #11

Kinship Carers Victoria recently released the eight report on their longitudinal study of kinship carer families.
In this podcast, Director of KCV Anne McLeish discusses why the study was established, as well as providing an analysis of the latest report findings, which show that, for the most part, kinship care arrangements for the families in the study continue to be stable. 

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Kinship Carers Week Newsletter

To download a PDF copy of the Kinship Carers Week newsletter (760KB), click here.

During Kinship Carers Week KCV conducted an interview with The Hon. Luke Donnellan, Minister for Child Protection and Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers.
To listen to the interview, click here.
To download a PDF copy of the transcript of the interview with the minister, click here.

  • GPV/KCV calls for Child Impact Statements

    GPV/KCV scrutinises law, policy and practice, asking: what is best for all children and what effect will the decisions we take today have on their futures? More Details

  • GPV/KCV applauds the Auditor General

    GPV/KCV applauds the Auditor General for his report into the Mental Health of Child Protection Practitioners (May 2018)

    GPV/KCV has long held the view that CPPs are overworked; a circumstance that leads to kinship carers being case-managed by stressed workers. The results are often catastrophic with poor decisions about child welfare made.

    More Details

  • Newsflash – KCV Podcast Series

    Victorian kinship carers to launch their own podcast series

    A new series of podcasts for the rapidly growing number of kinship carers in Victoria is on its way, with the first program to be aired on Friday 27 April at 11am. More Details

The Kinship Carers Victoria Podcast

KCV podcasts broadcast news relevant to all kinship carers, be they formal or informal carers, and be they grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings or close family friends. These podcasts are designed to reach all kinship carers at their convenience, in their own homes and at times which suit them. More