Carer Census Survey

One of the most important decisions taken in recent times to support carers – and one widely supported by agencies such as KCV – is to collect more information about the profile and needs of all carers across Victoria. Much more information is needed if we are to be able to plan ahead and secure future government funding in support of carers.

With this in mind, we urge you to complete the carer census survey at the link below. KCV can guarantee that your privacy will be protected, as stipulated by Victorian law. The DHHS and other agencies will only receive general information from this census, no personal information will be able to be retrieved.

If you have any concerns please call the KCV office on (03) 9372 2422.;&SAMP_SOURCE=2

Anne McLeish
Director, KCV

Achieving safe and certain homes for children

To download a copy of this report click here

Longitudinal Study of Kinship Care Families – 10th and final report

New international research on kinship care

The paradox of kinship care

The most valued but least resourced care option – a global study

This report argues that there is an urgent need to increase support to children living with relatives or friends of their family.

Across the world, kinship care is both the most widely used and the most valued option for children who cannot be cared for by their parents. Yet it is neglected by policymakers and practitioners, placing children at great risk. This report is based on a review of the literature centring on 40 high, medium and low-income countries, and on primary research carried out in five African countries. Twenty-nine countries were selected as a focus for the literature review. Countries were selected to ensure a good spread of country by region and income level.

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To download a PDF of this magazine, click here. Hard copies available by calling KCV office 93722422.

Kinship Carers Victoria’s podcast series for carers – podcast #14: Coronavirus & kinship carers

In this podcast, Director of Kinship Carers Victoria (KCV) Anne McLeish talks about the challenges faced by kinship carers during the COVID-19 lockdown and how they and the young people in their care have been coping.

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Keep Caring Summary

A systemic inquiry into services for your people transitioning from out-of-home care by the Commission for Children and Young People

To download a PDF copy of the summary (184KB), please click here.