• Keep Caring Summary - A systemic inquiry into services for your people transitioning from out-of-home care by the Commission for Children and Young People Continue Reading
  • The most valued but least resourced care option – a global study - Summary of a report written by Emily Delap and Gillian Mann of Child Frontiers and published in November 2019. Definition and forms of kinship care Kinship care may be defined as “Family-based care within the child’s extended family or with close friends of the family known to the child, whether formal or informal in nature.” (UN General Assembly (2010) Guidelines for the alternative care of children.) This broad definition encompasses multiple caregiving arrangements, and may involve: Care by grandparents, aunts, uncles, adult siblings and other close relatives, or by distant relatives and friends of the family.Varying degrees of parental contact… Continue Reading
  • Shame! Grandparents condemn Australian Attorneys General for refusing to raise the age of criminal responsibility - At a meeting of the Council of Attorneys General in Australia held on July 27th 2020, a decision was taken not to increase the age of criminal responsibility in Australia – it currently sits at 10 years of age. Australia's Attorneys-General decided that more work is needed before they decide whether to raise the age of criminal responsibility from 10 to 14. The Council of Attorneys-General decided there was still work to do on what would replace the current system should the age be lifted.  That work isn't expected to be finished until next year, an announcement that has drawn… Continue Reading
  • A strong social security system can help us through this crisis - 30 March 2020 These are truly unprecedented times, and for those who were already struggling to get by, the coronavirus crisis will only add to hardship. That is why we need a swift and compassionate response from government that supports all people receiving social security payments both now and during the recovery phase. The Treating Families Fairly Alliance welcomes the following government announcements: ▪    A coronavirus supplement of $275 per week on top of existing payments including Jobseeker Payment*, Parenting Payment and others from 27 April for a period of six months ▪    A $750 Economic Support Payment for all… Continue Reading
  • Kinship carers across Victoria are hopeful but wary of government promises - Press release - 19 November 2019 On 24 October, the Minister for Child Protection launched the strategy Strong Carers, Stronger Children. The strategy responds to issues raised by carers and was developed through a series of targeted consultations with carers, peak bodies and community service and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations. The strategy will be implemented over the next five years through a series of rolling action plans that offer support to carers. The first action plan will be implemented from 2020. The strategy has given kinship carers renewed hope. They can have faith, now that the government has made a… Continue Reading
  • Interview with Minister for Ageing and Carers, conducted during Kinship Carers Week - During Kinship Carers Week KCV conducted an interview with The Hon. Luke Donnellan, Minister for Child Protection and Minister for Disability, Ageing and Carers. The Minister discussed the significance of the week in recognising the work, love and guidance provided by carers, and he spoke about the Victorian Government's role in supporting carers and their plans for out of home services in the state. If you wish to download the interview to play at any other time on a desktop computer, right click here, then choose ‘save link as’ and save the recording. Alternatively, click directly here to play the… Continue Reading
  • Kinship carers welcome the Victorian Government’s 2019 budget - Central to the support kinship carers offer the budget is the commitment to kinship care evident in the programs the budget funds and in the commitment to funding them across four consecutive years.  Anne McLeish, Director of Grandparents Victoria and Kinship Carers Victoria (GPV/KCV) says, “The financial support provided to kinship care in the 2019 budget is nothing less than what is required to keep kinship care vibrant, and marching in line with the advances being made in the care of children with special needs. These funds will also assist in keeping kinship placements stable through acknowledging the expertise and… Continue Reading


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