• The Kinship Carers Victoria Podcast- KCV podcasts broadcast news relevant to all kinship carers, be they formal or informal carers, and be they grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings or close family friends. These podcasts are designed to reach all kinship carers at their convenience, in their own homes and at times which suit them.Topical issues are discussed by a range of expert speakers from across a number of sectors. Topical issues confronting kinship care are discussed by a range of expert speakers from across a number of sectors including the community, government, not-for-profit and legal sectors.Topics in line for examination in the first twelve months… Continue Reading
  • Carer KaFÉ- Carer KaFÉ is a program designed to improve and expand kinship and foster carer training Victoria-wide. In September 2016 the Victorian Government announced $2.12 million funding over two years to a Kinship and Foster Care Learning and Development Strategy. Carer KaFÉ is hosted by the Foster Care Association of Victoria and supported by a governing reference group. Organisations represented on the Governing Reference Group are the: Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Foster Care Association of Victoria (FCAV) Kinship Carers Victoria (KCV) Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA) Victorian Aboriginal Children… Continue Reading
  • At last – kinship carers are vindicated- “Today’s report from the Ombudsman detailing anomalies present in the treatment of kinship carers is vindication for those many carers who have complained many times over many years. Many carers who read this report will be upset anew as they see their trials and tribulations in dealing with child protection services actually written down and acknowledged. This acknowledgement of the validity of their complaints is in itself a great service to them and they will thank the Ombudsman for it.   Such acknowledgment will enable them to get past the self-doubts arising from dealing with what seemed like an uncaring bureaucracy.… Continue Reading


Kinship Carers Victoria is proud to announce the publication of the new

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